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Why choose SEO Urchin over other digital marketing companies?

Two important words: Streamlined Efficiency. You are probably reading this because you didn't account for SEO in your budget. Maybe you did, but you are out of your depth on how it even works and why other digital marketing companies charge so much money for it.

Go on, check it out for yourself. Other SEO/SEM companies that claim to be "the best" fluff up their packages and overcharge beyond what you need. They keep a shroud of "mystique" around the way Search Engine Optimization works in order to make more money, period.

At SEO Urchin, we always offer the 8 most relevant and efficient strategies that you can buy as a single package (with massive discount). Alternately, you can try any of our 8 tentacled service for just $20 flat rate with no upsell. We DARE you to find any other company offering the same.

Each of our $20 flat rate services are EASILY worth $100 ea. or more through other companies. Our 8 package tentacled blast for $100 is usually worth $500. Our monthly SEO package (please email for details) ranges from $200-$500 a month while other companies charge $500-$2,000 FOR THE SAME SERVICE.

In addition, we don't waste your time with weekly Skype conference calls which are not needed unless you have an in house IT/tech guru. Otherwise this is a waste of everyones time which=money. We do provide a monthly Skype call with our monthly plan customers, but this is also as needed.

So why not give SEO Urchin a try for your niche startup, beat producing studio, large company or even vlog/blog to see massive results in a streamlined, efficient way!

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